GRECO – Geneve, a constellation of high-level skills

On the outskirts of Geneva, Plan-les-Ouates is a beehive of activity for a multitude of people contributing to the success of famous Swiss watch brands. This hot-house of knowledge and sharing of talent has inspired bold experimentation. Here, the time-proven legacy of traditional master watchmakers is honoured and respected in the design of contemporary timepieces where creativity expresses itself through a spirit of pure innovation.

GRECO – Geneve is therefore located in the heartland of Swiss watchmaking’s most valued traditions. It is a company built on teamwork and on the in-house control of its entire production line. For these reasons, GRECO – Geneve’s reactivity and pricing are particularly attractive.

Created in an environment where luxury conveys prestige, beauty, excellence and precision, GRECO – Geneve’s unusual designs delight our customers. Whether as part of a limited edition series or personalized with unique details, your GRECO – Geneve watch will become your most treasured accessory.