All our models have been directly inspired by the world of motorsport and aeronautics. The materials used, such as carbon and titanium, associated with innovative and unprecedented processes such as fluorescence (similar to copyright revealed using UV light sources on banknotes), make it possible to enhance timepieces. GRECO-Geneva in the high-end “Swiss Made” watchmaking market.


Precision and reliability remain our priorities in order to ensure the “Swiss Made” label while respecting the criteria imposed by the Fédération Horlogère Helvétique. In fact, each model in the GRECO-Geneva collection is thought out, designed, created, assembled, tested and packaged in the brand’s workshops in Plan-les-Ouates in the canton of Geneva in Switzerland.


The passion that drives us, the mastery of our exclusive processes and the respect for the Swiss watchmaking tradition, make GRECO-Geneva an eponymous and eclectic brand, drawing on three decades of experience. Most of our timepieces remain unique or can be personalized while our limited series vary between 33 and 100 pieces at most.

At the origins of the brand

Bold, original and creative entrepreneur, Stéphane GRECO has developed a brand of watches in his image. With three decades of experience in the service of other major Swiss watchmaking houses, he has applied the same rigor and the same precision to the development of the GRECO-Geneva collections. Passionate about the automotive and aeronautical world, he naturally breathed this DNA into his creations, both for the iconic “Les Temps Modernes” watches with the design of a nut or the watch from space “The Asteroid”, as well as for its “Meteorite” showroom.

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