Chronograph RT-008 Diamond Sun

A titanic job, entirely hand-made 💪🏼💎

768 diamonds and a week of modeling, chiseling and crimping work were necessary to make the framing of the RT-008 Diamond Sun!

For this, it was necessary to create the 768 stone foundations by hand from the RT-005 model. It’s a job that requires great manual strength and an extraordinary degree of patience!


A story of rocks 🌋

Diamonds, the ultimate crystalline form of carbon, are formed in the Earth’s mantle around 150 kms beneath our feet during 1 to 3 billion years! Then they rise to the surface through magma, via volcanic vents.


The chronograph RT-008 Diamond Sun 💎☀

The arrangement of the stones around the nut recalls the shape of our sun … a sun made of titanium and diamonds.

Sparkly by nature, this watch is enhanced by the light of our planet’s star as its light passing through these hundreds of diamonds, refracting from their thousands of facets.