The Asteroid

In July 1969 a man stepped on the moon for the first time. From then on we knew we had the power to flirt with the exceptional. What if the height of luxury was to proudly display “The Asteroid” on his arm! Stéphane GRECO realized it and is capable of making us dream like no other has done so far.

Indeed, the watch was cut from a meteorite belonging to the Asteroid belt, in its pure and original state. Inimitable, it inspires us to take astronomy lessons to immerse ourselves in the heart of the stars and their history. Meteorites remain timeless. Indeed, we do not know when they will succumb to our earthly attraction.

“The Asteroid” is the only one of these celestial bodies to tell us Earth time. It will not remain a “World” first, but rather a “Galaxial” first.

Stéphane GRECO, in his research and development laboratory, brought him one of the most amazing features, he made it fluorescent. It takes on its full meaning under ultra-violet light. The hieroglyphs engraved on its white gold background bezel are a nod to the film “Predator”, in which the terrible creature from a distant galaxy, self-destructs by programming its watch, which is adorned with these mysterious scriptures.

Unique model created to keep this feeling of rarity and exclusivity, so that the extraordinary is not at hand. Crude formwork, this interstellar asteroid takes you like an astronaut on board his spaceship for a journey that you will not soon forget.

When you see a shooting star, you have to make a wish. What if yours is soon to come true?